Water house | Valfenera

Address: Via Scanagatti, 14017 Valfenera AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 939125
Email: municipio@comune.valfenera.at.it
Web Site:

The water house, located in via Scanagatti at the intersection with the Strada Isolabella Nord, supplies: natural water, chilled water and chilled sparkling water at the cost of 5 cents per liter.

Accept coins from 5-10-20-50 cents, 1 euro or the practical magnetic key that can be requested at the town hall. To dispense it is necessary to press the selected water button, which will automatically distribute 1 liter. 

If there is still credit, pressing the button again will deliver another liter of the desired water.

The distributed water is constantly controlled by the Acquedotto della Piana and analyzed by specialized laboratories. The values of these analyzes can be viewed directly on the aqueduct site.

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