Valfenera Town Hall

Address: Piazza Tommaso Villa, 3, 14017 Valfenera AT, Italia
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The village of Valfenera rises to the extreme western limit of the Province of Asti, it borders directly with the provinces of Cuneo and of Turin and represents one of the gates of the Lower Monferrato; also its ancient name of Vallis Finaria can be traced back to the border location between the Turin plain and the artisan hills.

• Palazzo Tommaso Villa - Seat of the municipality of Valfenera

The Palazzo Tommaso Villa, now municipal seat, stands on the foundations of the medieval defensive castle, of which only the fifteenth century civic tower called "Ciuchè Mocc" (cut tower) remains, and overlooks the central square of the town, also dedicated to famous statesman.

The part of the building where the municipal offices are located as well as the premises involved in the requested financing dates back to the end of the 18th century; it was bought around 1870 by the statesman Tommaso Villa (1832 - 1915), of an ancient Valfenera family.

The Villa revisited the building in the last decades of the 800 to fix the summer residence of the family; the palace then became the meeting point of the Piedmontese notary at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In the years 1905-1906 the building was also expanded with a new wing, which now houses elementary schools and with the homogenization of the appearance of the facades according to the eclectic taste of the time.

In 1933 the Municipality of Valfenera acquired the Palace from the Villa heirs placing the municipal seat there; on this occasion the low entrance building with a terrace was built, whose side openings were closed with windows in 2004.

Particularly valuable are the staircase and the hall of representation, now used as the Hall of the Municipal Council. The "Salone Angelo Brofferio or of the entertainments" was dedicated to the statesman, jurist, writer and poet of Asti, father-in-law of the Villa, father of his wife Emilia Brofferio.

Qualifying points of the show are the two marine works by Bo and the nineteenth-century Murano glass chandelier that incorporates the colors of the pictorial decoration of the vault, rare for its size and precious for the quality of the workmanship.

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